Classic Ways to Wear Retro Jeans

I get hints of my personal style from my mother. A stickler for crispness and perfection in everything she wears, she has been stylish as long as I can remember! My mother taught me everything I needed to know about choosing and putting pieces together. She says that I remind her of how she used to dress back in “the day”. I remember wading through old photos at my grandmother’s house and looking at polaroids of my fly mom wearing Candie’s clogs with retro jeans and rocking a fresh feathered hair style or curly fro. She grew up in the era when bell-bottom jeans were all the rage.

In the modern age of skinny jeans, bell-bottoms and wider cuts tend to get lost in the shuffle. Some women feel that this denim cut is not flattering to all figures, but that’s not the case. Bell-bottoms or what I like to call “retro jeans” accentuate and balance most shapes due to their flared cut. Just because bell-bottoms reached their peak in the seventies does not mean that they cannot be worn today! This particular cut of jean can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe and mixed with simple pieces to make it current. I’ve put together two quick looks wearing retro jeans to show you that this cut of denim is still definitely doable.

Retro Jeans Look One: Minimal

Sometimes the most mellow of combinations can make the most impact. I have a fondness for minimalism and like to incorporate elements of this aesthetic into my personal style. This simple red clay-colored horizontal cut tank is the perfect companion to these light washed wide-flared jeans because they don’t compete with each other. The look is finished with a thin stretch vintage gold belt and gold monogram necklace. As with most flared jeans, the overall length can make or break your look. I’ve paired my denim with some clear-vinyl strapped heels that provide a “barely there” look and give me the height I need.

Today I pay homage to my mother’s retro hair styles with my own natural curly hair. From time to time, I take a break from daily styling and prefer to maintain my hair with a protective style. I am really digging the small feed-in-braids hairstyle and wanted to try a funky hair color without the permanent commitment. After doing some online research, ended up purchasing some beautifully colored braiding hair from Catface Hair. After it was all said and done, I loved the overall outcome and rocked my colored braids beautifully for a few fun weeks. I like that the color of the hair is exciting but subtle enough to go with many different looks.

Retro Jeans Look Two: Colorful

Dark washed retro jeans look the most eye-catching with a few pops of color. This pair of J-Brand Love Story jeans have the best sexy retro fit! They hug your figure right and have a nice wide flare for impact. To balance out the flare, I’ve paired the jeans with this bell-shaped bright knit top. I picked this cute little number from Zara’s summer sale and was even more impressed with how the top looked in person when it arrived than online. It’s made of a soft and cushy knit material and ties at the shoulders. I love the large colorful tassels that adorn the ends of the ties. This top has a breezy feel to it so I immediately thought it would enhance the dark denim.

All in all, fashion always repeats itself. I seriously suggest investing in a good pair of timeless retro jeans that can flow with many of the pieces you have in your wardrobe. Do any of you ladies out there rock retro jeans? What’s your favorite way to wear them? Let me know in the comments below! Give me a shout out @mirroredmode or use the hashtag #mirroredmode if you wear a retro jeans look and post it on social. I’d love to see your looks!


LOOK ONE – Top and Jean: Forever 21, Shoes: ASOS, Necklace: Kate Spade Belt: Vintage, get a similar look here
LOOK TWO – Top: Zara, Jeans: J Brand Shoes: Sam Edelman

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