His and Her Style: Coordinating Bright Prints

Coordinating bright prints are a fun and perfect way to exude your energy as a unit. This combined look is great for tackling weekend excursions together, heading to brunch with friends or whenever you feel like being bright and fancy. We both purchased pieces of our looks at different times and ended up bringing the overall vibe together while in our closet one day. The key to coordinating in bright prints together is to keep it effortless by pairing it with neutral pieces. In order to make two separate prints look good together, complimenting colors and pattern styles go a long way.

Coordinating Bright Prints Our Way: Candice

I’m a sucker for vintage-looking floral prints and this dress from Zara immediately caught my eye when I saw it online. Not only did I love the print, but I thought the shape and detailing of the dress was unique. From the shoulder cut-out ruffled sleeves and the v-shaped back, it seemed like a fun choice. After getting the dress, I had my eye on these gold and silver sandals from Zara for a while (see the “pattern” here?) and finally decided to buy them because they felt like they would stand out and work well with many ensembles. I tried the whole look on together and modeled it to Anthony who thought it was cute and fit my style. I’m pretty much on the minimal side when it comes to jewelry and accessories so I chose to finish the look with simple rose-gold stud earrings.

Coordinating Bright Prints Our Way: Anthony

When it comes to shopping, I am a big bargain hunter! I’m usually online doing some research on what to get and how to get it at a decent price. I found this shirt at Pacsun and had to have it. Out of all the other floral prints that were available, this particular color way caught my eye. You can pair it with sneakers or boots, a denim jacket or a leather biker jacket. To make the most of this simple but bright shirt, the possibilities are endless. I like to highlight it with black skinny jeans and white Converse to perfectly color block the whole outfit. Simple as that.

Remember to keep your colorful, printed pieces in the forefront by combining them with more understated accessories. When it comes to coordinating looks with your partner, how you are viewed together represents your essence as a whole. Don’t be afraid to stand out by syncing your attire together from time to time. When it comes to our personal styles, we tend to do our own thing but end up feeding off of each other naturally. When styling with your partner, throw around ideas and get each other’s advice on what looks good. There’s no right or wrong way to compliment each other.

Do you like to coordinate with your significant other? What are some of the ways you dress to match each other’s style? Let us know in the comments below.


ANTHONY – Shirt: Modern Amusement, get a similar look here. Pants: Topman Shoes: Converse
CANDICE – Dress: Zara, get a similar look here. Shoes: Zara

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