A Vision of Two Minds: Why We Created Mirrored Mode

Mirrored Mode is vision that is years in the making. From the first moment we crossed paths, our connection felt genuine and powerful. Over time we have evolved greatly together and this blog is the fruits of our love and labor. We’ve always thought about creating something together and now feels like the right time. What we offer is a little insight into our world and who we are as a couple and as individuals. We also want to be inspired by other progressive fashion-forward people out there.

The Meaning Behind Mirrored Mode

Mirrored Mode is a reflection of ourselves through each other. Like yin and yang, we are opposites but we naturally fit together harmoniously. What we see from each other is a vision of hope and success. We are both a work in progress and use one other to see the positive attributes we both have. We have a strong bond because of what we have experienced together over the years. As a result, those difficult times have proven our resilience. We felt the name Mirrored Mode was true to us and authentic to our lifestyle. The term “mode” is a natural way of being, of living and who you are. Your “mode” defines your style and how you carry yourself.

Who We Are Individually

We both love fashion and tend to kill small pockets of time scrolling through content online looking for style inspiration. Style comes natural to us and we take pleasure in looking well put together. We both are not afraid to experiment and rely on each other for style advice and feed back.

Anthony always makes an effort to put his best vision out there. He focuses more on minimal looks but likes to add patterns or prints every once in a while to make a statement. Aside from his street style, he’s passionate about his suits. He never chooses to wear anything safe or boring. Instead, he is more drawn to fashion fabrics on a power suit. While working at a men’s European suit store, he’s become an expert on fit and styling.

Candice’s style is distinct, intuitive and particular. She’s not afraid of wearing loud or unique pieces and she craves versatility in the way she dresses. As a creative professional, visuals are important to her. Whether she is dressing down or up, each look is carefully thought out. She follows trends to a certain extent and is not afraid to put her own inventive twist on an outfit.

Why We Created Mirrored Mode 6

What We Offer with Mirrored Mode

We’ve been working on this blog for a few months now, putting looks together, learning how to shoot and edit images and just express who we are visually. It has been quite an interesting challenge. It’s one thing to want to collaborate with your partner creatively and it’s another to actually execute. What we have discovered is that we sincerely enjoy doing this together. Through our rough starts and stumbles, we realize that we can accomplish great things with love.

We share our best times in the kitchen. Its our time to unwind and spend time together. We can’t wait to share the recipes that we like to make at home. Anthony is the mixologist and likes to put together classic and seasonal cocktails. When it comes to style of food, we both enjoy discovering new things together. We enjoy doing artistic and social things with each other. Dining out is one of our favorite past times. Our weekends are spent visiting different eateries around Austin and when in town, Houston. For everyone out there looking for things to experience in each city, we’re you’re guides.

We’ve shared nine years with one another and have learned a great deal through our experiences. One thing we don’t take for granted through out it all is our willingness to stay strong through any situation life throws at us. Love is a powerful thing. We want to provide our insight into relationships and give advice in hopes of enlightening others.

Join Us on This Journey

All in all, our goal is to give you compelling content that covers all areas of style, life, food and drink. From highlighting new trends, showcasing our favorite essential pieces and how to’s on pairing seasonal garments, we have the details. We want to share with you our current food hot spots as well as our favorite at-home recipes. Our hope is to gain readers and friends from all backgrounds. Check out the rest of the site and read our other blog posts to get more insight into who we are. Follow us on social @mirroredmode or @mirroredmodeblog on Facebook to stay in touch with what’s happening.


ANTHONY – Top: Zara, Pants: Carhartt Shoes: Suitsupply
CANDICE – Dress: Reformation Shoes: Forever 21

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