His and Her Style: A Visit to Prada Marfa

When you long to extract yourself from the bustle of city life and vibe out, Marfa is a great place to get away. Our West Texas road trip was much needed and super inspiring. We’ve always been moved by minimalist art and the natural beauty of the landscape so we looked forward to exploring the Marfa scenery. With a short list of things to do and explore in the small city, visiting the Prada Marfa installation was at the top.

Traveling to Prada Marfa

We wanted to get on road to make it just in time for the magic hour. The drive from Marfa to Valentine where the installation is located, is about 40 minutes away from where we were staying at El Cosmico. The drive alone was something that we can only describe as beautiful. The barren terrain and rolling elevations in the distance gives you a feeling of calmness and isolation. Once we arrived at Prada Marfa, we came upon other visitors posed against the installation having their own mini photo shoots. We came dressed in black. There’s something very elegant and simplistic about an all black outfit. You can wear it for any occasion, at any age and looks great on any man or woman.


Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy—but mysterious. But above all, black says this: I don’t bother you—don’t bother me.
– Yohji Yamamoto



I had the idea to keep this outfit as simple as possible. You can never go wrong with pairing an all black look with a classic sneaker. I also wanted to highlight the setting as much as possible and stuck to a minimal aesthetic. For all my basic t-shirts, H&M is usually a great choice. All of your essential pieces can be found there at a good price. I recently got these Carhartt pants at Stag which I am getting good use out of. The weight of the fabric and fit is spot on! Finally, to complete the look and showcase my Garçons Chucks, I roll up the hem to crop the pants.

His and Hers Style: A Visit to Prada Marfa


With my look, I decided to put an outfit together that was a combination of sexy and understated. I stumbled across this sheer nude and black net body suit at Forever 21 by chance. These black and white striped American Apparel pants have been in my closet for a few years and I find them to be a versatile staple in my closet. It’s something about this combination that feels distinct and a bit whimsical. To add a pop of color, I completed the look with these simple red kitten-heel sandals. When putting together a look, it should be intuitive. Exude confidence and go for it if it feels right.

His and Hers Style: A Visit to Prada Marfa 3

Prada Marfa’s fascination lies in the fact that the artists Elmgreen and Dragset decided to place this installation in an isolated location. It seems to sit lost and forgotten only to be brought to life when tourists flock to take photos in droves. It’s a store that will never be open for business.

His and Hers Style: A Visit to Prada Marfa 8His and Hers Style: A Visit to Prada Marfa 5

Our visit to Marfa and the Prada Marfa installation solidified our need to go on more road trips. There’s so much the world has to offer and nothing beats traveling with the people you enjoy spending quality time with. Have you guys been to Marfa or West Texas? Share your adventures in the comment section below.

His and Hers Style: A Visit to Prada Marfa 9


ANTHONY – T-shirt: H&M Pants: Carhartt WIP Shoes: Comme des Garçons PLAY x Converse Chuck Taylor
CANDICE – Top: Forever 21 Pants: American Apparel, get a similar look here Shoes: H&M


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