5 Things to Do and See in the Bay Area

Recently we traveled to Oakland to visit our longtime and dear friend Noel. She moved to the Bay Area from Houston with her guy Dohn over a year ago so our visit was extremely overdue. This was our first time traveling to the West Coast so we were pretty stoked to experience the California scene. We skimmed around Google before the trip to see what happenings were in the Bay Area, but trusted that our friends were going set up a dope itinerary for us. Our visit was a quick three-day trip, but the Bay Area has so much to offer that you can’t do it all in a weekend. We were fortunate enough to experience lots of things in the short time we were in Cali, but we’ve narrowed down this post to highlight five things that you must do and see on your trip to the Bay Area.

Visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Our first visit to San Francisco was an easy commute from Oakland. A train ride can get you to the city within minutes. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is a must-see destination and was one of our main stops for the day. SFMOMA features over 30,000 modern and contemporary works of painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, design and media arts from all over the world. The museum has seven floors so we decided to start from the top and work our way down. This experience was definitely worth the trip. We were amazed and inspired by all of the artwork and the museum’s architecture. It was exciting to experience some of our favorite artists’ work up close.

Andy Warhol, Nine Marilyns [Reversal series], 1979 / 1986

We’ve been big Warhol fans for some time and saw a few of his pieces when we visited Marfa, Texas this past summer. It was great to have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in more of his work when we visited the SFMOMA. This particular piece caught our eye due to the high-contrast layered colors.

Louise Bourgeois, The Nest, 1994

Upon entering the room, the eeriness of this piece engulfs you due to its large scale and form. There were other “spider-like” pieces floating around the room and hanging on the walls. For more information on Louise Bourgeois and other related artists, visit her page via Arsty here.

Katharina Fritsch, Kind mit Pudeln (Child with Poodles), 1995-1996

One of the museum staff told us to check out this piece on our tour. This intriguing sculpture takes up most of the small square room its displayed in. We’ve captured a detail shot, but to see the entire piece as a whole is pretty shocking.

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, clinamen v.3, 2012-Ongoing

This sound-based piece was one of our favorites. Floating porcelain bowls are set to circulate gently on a low, encased pool of water in a large, light-filled room. The rhythm of the bowls clinking together creates a beautiful, peaceful and subtle chime that has to be experienced in person. We were so engrossed in this installation that we hung out in this room for a bit.

Walk the City

Walking the city of Oakland and San Francisco, you see beauty in the simplest shapes and forms. The painted buildings, old historic homes and bridges gives us a sense of wonder and nostalgia. Try to ditch the Uber for a bit and walk the city while you’re here because you’ll get a better immersive experience than viewing everything from a car window.

Ride the Ferry

There are a few ways to transit from Oakland to San Francisco. One way is by taking a ride on the ferry. Noel and Dohn timed our excursions so that we were able to ride the ferry on our way home. Our ride along the bay bridge was filled with awesome views of the water and city. We rode the ferry right at the Magic Hour and the sunset was unbelievable. While we took in the view, we reflected on our time there and sipped on wine purchased on the ferry.

Hang at Mission Dolores Park

Our time at Dolores Park in San Francisco was perfect. The scenery overlooking the city was breath taking! This park attracts thousands of people every weekend and serves as a hang out spot for friends of the human and furry kind. Once you step foot on the grass, you’re surrounded by large groups of young and stylish peeps listening to music, celebrating birthdays, having picnics and chilling on blankets. Mission Dolores Park gives you a peek into how liberated Cali is. People from all kinds of backgrounds come together and vibe out.

Visit Sausalito

Across the historic Golden Gate Bridge lies a small bayside town called Sausalito. The town offers beautiful views of the bay, has outdoor cafes, bistros and little boutique shops. Sausalito has a quiet and relaxed aura that is easy to fall in love with. We asked around for seafood recommendations and decided to try Fish. From the fish and chips, oysters and crab rolls, this place has some of the freshest seafood we’ve tasted! Come prepared with cash as Fish doesn’t accept cards. We dined outside and had a nice view of the water with sailboats floating about.

From the moment we arrived to our last day, we had a great time thanks to Noel and Dohn’s recommendations. Our trip was a fun adventure and we definitely want to check out more next time we visit. We thank our friends for showing us around and giving us a memorable experience! Have you guys ever visited the California Bay Area? Share your favorite Cali Bay Area spots and things to do in the comments below!


ANTHONY PLAID LOOK – Denim Jacket (simliar): H&M, T-Shirt: PacSun, Shoes: Vans
CANDICE PLAID LOOK – Dress: Zara, Shoes: Dr. Marten’s, Bag: Forever 21
ANTHONY BLACK LOOK – Parka: H&M, Sweater (simliar): H&M, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Vans
CANDICE DENIM LOOK – Denim Jacket: Zara, Fuzzy Tank: Forever 21, Jeans (simliar): H&M, Shoes (similar): Adidas

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