How to Agree on What to Eat

The biggest issue plaguing couples across the globe is not money or love, it’s trying to figure out what to eat! All jokes aside, it’s a common occurrence that happens frequently and is a relatable situation for many. This can lead to unsatisfied food choices, hasty unhealthy decisions and wasted time and energy. That’s why we’ve come up with some hacks to save the day and your appetite. Let’s end the battle over what to eat!

Flip a Coin

Flipping coins goes back to elementary days. We used this method to solve some of the toughest squabbles on the playground, so we figured this age-old method would work to solve those pressing food dilemmas. Here’s how you do it: you each decide a favorite dish or take-out spot, flip a coin and winner takes all. This is a pretty basic method that will save you time and stress! Plus, it’s fun and silly. Give it a try. If you want to raise the stakes, make it to where the best two out of three wins. Hopefully there are no sore losers.

Take Turns Choosing

Compromising is the key to any relationship, especially when it comes to deciding what to eat all the time. That’s why you and your partner should alternate meal picks so that each person gets their way. Write down all the days of the week and assign a name to each day. You can modify this based on your work schedules. When it’s your day, it’s your choice of meals. No questions asked. To keep it healthy, make the rules to where you guys can only choose fresher types of meals Monday through Friday, and on the weekend you can incorporate more cheat options.

Plan Ahead if Possible

We hate to say it, but if you generally plan ahead, you can spend less time figuring out what to eat which makes both of your lives easier. Your chances of eating better throughout the week are higher when you plan out your meals because it allows you to consciously choose healthier options. Each week, write down some breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas together. Get to the grocery store on the weekends to pick up your ingredients and prep for the week. In Texas we have our beloved H.E.B. which is best grocery store known to man! They’ve recently introduced Curbside Grocery Pickup which takes the agony out of physically shopping the grocery store and standing in long lines. Planning and prepping your meals frequently will save you heartache so you both can focus on being healthier and stress-free.

Try a New Recipe Together

Sometimes you can squash the “what-to-eat” drama by taking on an adventurous recipe together. There are tons of great ideas on Pinterest or Google that can make your next dish Master Chef worthy. When we cook at home, we rotate roles of chef and sous chef. This experience can be enjoyable if you guys are both willing to work with each other to make a stellar dish. Pour two glasses of red wine and get to cooking! You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish. To make it fair, whoever does the most work in the kitchen has to wash the the dishes!

When All Else Fails, Choose a To-Go Spot

There are times when none of the methods listed above will work, so try to have a fail-safe solution. Think of a place that the both of you know you cannot go wrong. This last-minute go-to spot should be flexible in hours and has quick service that way if the situation strikes you guys can at least go with it. If you’re health-conscious, utilize grab-and-go meals that are fresh and nutritious. Lets face it, there’s certain times of the week where time is not on your side and cooking just won’t suffice. Let’s not waste our precious time arguing over what to eat!

Trying to make daily decisions in tandem with another human being can be a unique challenge. In a relationship, you need to learn how to adapt to each other’s differences as you take on life together. We’re sure that our methods will help you guys spend less energy deciding what to eat and more time enjoying time with one another. What are some hacks you use to determine what to eat with your partner? Drop your ideas in the comments below!

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