The Power of Two

On this Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember that this holiday is not about material affection, but celebrating the love you have for each other. Whether you’ve been with someone for a few months or a few years, your experience with that person will shape your life. We’ve been together for nine years now and can testify to how much we have evolved as a couple and individually. Our love has lasted over the years because we have never given up on what we have built and we embrace each other for who we are wholeheartedly. Love is a powerful force that when two individuals come together, beautiful things can transpire.

Together You Can Accomplish Great Things

We all have dreams in our heart to achieve certain things in life. At times, these goals can be delayed by internal self-doubt. A loving relationship can provide the support needed to move past these walls and realize what is possible. If you are both strong individually, you can be stronger together. Give positive words to your partner so that they can stay encouraged. You cannot expect to get far if one person in the relationship is working to get somewhere while the other is not. Your relationship cannot move forward if one person is held back. It takes a mutual commitment to make things happen as a unit. You two can be a powerful force if you both willing to fight for what you want out of life together.

Together You Can Grow Spiritually

Our faith in God is one of the reasons why our bond is unbreakable. He has gotten us through so many obstacles and has blessed us as man and wife. We realize that not everyone shares the same beliefs, but having some type of spiritual guidance in your lives will help strengthen your relationship. Spirituality can push you both to see beyond your present situation and propel you into a new phase of victory. Take time to talk, pray or meditate over what you are dealing with your partner on a regular basis. Even if you each share different faiths, you can come together and manifest whats in your hearts.

Together You Can Develop Individually

As we grow in relationships, we evolve as people. Our experiences with each other shape our individual selves. Some negatively associate relationships with suppression of our true identity to compromise or too much “togetherness”. We feel that this is not the case for us. A healthy, loving relationship allows you the freedom to be who you are and the space for you to grow. We celebrate each other’s personalities and tastes. Our differences is what make us who we are as a couple. Your strengths and weaknesses you both share can add balance to the relationship. Where one person fails, another can succeed. If you both share the same weakness, you have extra accountability to change. One thing is certain, a powerful relationship is one that respects each person’s individuality so that they realize their full potential together.

Together You Can Positively Influence Others

Finding someone to share your life with is a special thing that should be embraced. Over the years, we’ve had moments together that have given us the wisdom to share what we’ve learned with friends needing advice. We are thankful for each other and want others to find fulfillment in love as well. It’s important to us to use our knowledge and truth to help others going through difficult moments in their relationships. Although its easy to get caught in your own world with another person, its important to use your love to help others.

Celebrate love and each other daily, not just on Valentine’s Day. Keep each other uplifted, positive and motivated to move forward and achieve what you dream in life. What’s some of the ways you celebrate love daily? What does the Power of Two mean to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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