Streetwear Fashion Dupe: FOG Sherpa Hoodie

We would love to own some of those pieces your favorite celebrity is wearing but don’t want to pay the price. There’s a plethora of fast fashion brands accused of copying other top designers latest products. It’s an advantage for budget-conscious consumers looking to purchase the hottest pieces at an affordable price. If you want to wear the latest trend without paying outrageous prices for designer, I recommend looking for dupes of them online or in stores. This is because certain trends eventually fade away and you don’t want to spend a wad of money on something that will sit in your closet after a few wears.

Fear of God

Fear of God is one of the top streetwear brands that set fashion trends each season. You can see the pieces worn by celebrities and athletes even before the collection is released to the public. This creates a high demand to streetwear enthusiasts out there that want to follow these trends. Fear of God’s designer Jerry Lorenzo finds inspiration in religion, family, music and art. Each collection has a specific mood that reflects a well thought out statement with each garment. Because the clothing is made in the USA, the quality and exclusivity makes the price point at a higher end.

I’ve been a huge fan of FOG since the first collection. I’ve been able to cop some core pieces that fell in my budget in the past. But of course some were way out of my price range. Lucky for me, I was able to do some online searching and came across some dupes that are reasonably priced. Without compromising the quality, this sherpa hoodie, track pants, oversize tee and denim jacket are FOG inspired. All for under $150! I look for garments that are not only comfortable but also make a statement. Check the links below see where I copped the pieces for this look.

To get a high fashion look at a reasonable price, go for a fashion dupe. If you are wondering how to find these items, simply do a quick search online or on social media. What online or local shops do you visit to find your streetwear dupes? Comment below.

Get This Look

Longline Clothing Sherpa Hoodie
H&M Denim Jacket
mnml LAX Sweatpants
mnml Oversized tee
Nike Flyknit Oreo Racer 2.0

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