5 Must Try Food Trucks in Austin

One thing we love about living in the city of Austin is the plethora of delicious food that resides at every corner in the form of a food truck. They’re literally everywhere! From Mexican, Greek to Vegan, there’s something for everyone in this foodie city. We’ve managed to make our way around Austin and have tried some really great food trucks. We’ve compiled a list of our most favorite food trucks to try when you’re visiting the city.

Via 313 Pizza

This deep dish Detroit-style pizza has literally won our hearts and stomachs. Anytime anyone asks us “whats a good food truck to try” we always suggest Via 313. Their chunky, flavorful pizza slices are worth every delicious bite. All of their ingredients are fresh and they make their own pizza sauce from scratch which really adds the flavor. They have grown so much in popularity that they have opened multiple food truck locations in Austin in addition to a few brick and mortars. Get info on locations and menu by visiting Via 313’s website.

Big Fat Greek Gyro

Another one of our favorite food trucks is Big Fat Greek Gyro. From grilled eggplant to lamb gyro, they have a variety of food options to fit most diets and it’s all flavorful. One plus is that they put french fries in their gyros! It’s a great surprise. Usually posted up on the historic Rainey Street downtown, this food truck is the perfect remedy for your tipsy stomach. For more info on Big Fat Greek Gyro, check out their site here.

Paper Boy

Paper Boy is our go-to spot for a good and quick breakfast. From yogurt parfaits to a hearty Texas Hash, this quaint spot has it all. The food is fresh and full of flavor that is sure to start your day on a high note. With two locations in Austin, they offer a seasonal, curated menu from local farms and bread from local bakeries. Visit Paper Boy’s website here.


If you’re looking for plant-based food that tastes nothing like it, check out Arlos. Vegan or not, this stuff is too good not to try. Their delicious menu offers some burger and taco options with fresh and organic ingredients. it’s surprising how these burgers taste just like the real thing. Next time you’re looking for a late night bite in Downtown Austin, try this spot out! View Arlos menu on their website.

Hummus Among Us

Austin is known to be a healthy city, so it’s only right that there’s a food truck that serves fresh hummus. Hummus Among Us is a quaint red food truck located on the Eastside of downtown that serves different varieties of hummus with toppings such as brisket shawarma or boiled egg with a side of pita to make it a meal. In addition to their hummus, they serve other Eastern Mediterranean dishes. Check the menu and location on their website here.

Next time you’re in the city of Austin and looking for a quick, affordable and flavorful bite, be sure to check out these food trucks. They won’t disappoint. Have you guys tried out some of Austin’s food trucks? What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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